Special Gatherings

Fall and Spring Picnics

Any good church worth the name has to have a couple potlucks a year. We get together to celebrate at both the beginning and the end of the school year for food, fun, and fellowship after our Sunday worship service. For more information email secretary@sanjosecrc.org.

Man-Time in the Mountains

"Come further up and further in...the further up and the further in you go, the bigger everything gets." --C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

In September, some of the guys head for the hills to get primal. It's a great time to hike, climb, fish, and have fellowship around the fire. For more information contact Randy at randym@sanjosecrc.org.

Memorial Weekend Campout

Every Memorial Weekend many families and people from church head out and camp together for the weekend at a Bay Area campground. Lots of fun, fires, and fellowship. For more information contact secretary@sanjosecrc.org.

Woman-Time by the Ocean

Once a year women from the church have the opportunity to take a weekend trip up to a nearby beach (Santa Cruz, Aptos, etc.) for their annual Woman Time at the Ocean. This is a chance to renew their hearts, minds and spirits as they spend time in community with one another, sharing their love for each other and the Lord. Join in next time to experience amazing fellowship, relaxing free time, lots of socializing, delicious food and evening devotions. For more information contact Mavis at mavism@sanjosecrc.org.