The Writing on the Wall

The Madness of King Nebuchadnezzar

Faith and the Fiery Furnace

Daniel’s Interpretation

Daniel’s Stand

Daniel’s Help

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Spoken Words: Parables

Spoken Words: It Is Written

Overcome: David and Bathsheba

Overcome: David and Saul

Overcome: David and Goliath

Interrupted: Zacchaeus

Interrupted: Jonah

Interrupted: Elisha

An Unforgettable Story About Grace


The One True Voice

Living with Jesus

The Spirit’s Presence, Power & Purpose

Gone But Still Lord!

It’s All About Forgiveness!

Held by the Almighty

Balaam Believes, But…

One Another Series (Part 7): Encouraging

Facing the Unknown: Your Mission

Our King says, “Don’t be afraid!”

The Unexplainable – We Hear God’s, “Listen to Him!”

Freedom From Fear (Part 4): Jesus Deals with the Fear of Hell

Freedom From Fear (Part 3): Jesus says, “Koum!”

Freedom From Fear (Part 2): Who's In Your Boat?

One Another Series (Part 6): Praying

One Another Series (Part 5): Honoring

One Another Series (Part 4): Serving

Whose Team Are You On?

One Another Series (Part 3): Accepting

One Another Series (Part 2): Confessing Our Sins

One Another Series (Part 1): The Comfort of Belonging – What’s Yours?

Facing the New Year with Hope