Sermons | 2019

The Displeasure of the Anointed Conqueror

But If It Dies…

The Tattle Phone

The One Thing

The Wide And Narrow Gates

The Torch

The Cave



Canoeing the Mountains Part 2, from Sacagawea to Lydia

Canoeing the Mountains

Growth- In Loving and Serving Jesus

The way

A Bizarre Dinner Party

“Meal Church”

Christ: Revealed or Concealed?

“The Hen and the Fox”

Wilderness of the Soul

Super Heroes of the Mundane

Click here to watch the “This Is Water” clip by David Foster Wallace referred to in the “Super Heroes of the Mundane” sermon.

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the Canyon

The Secret

A Tree Stump

“…And went on his way.”

“Mouse Trap”

“The Temple and The Lord”