Place part 6, The New Jerusalem

Place part 5, San Jose

Place part 4, Bethlehem

Christ Entered The Most Holy Place

Place part 2 “Canaan”

The Place of Perfection

A Clever Disguise

Barren Part 2


Running Through Snow

Royal Grant

Ordinary Radical

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

The Great Reversal

“Snake Skin”

“Puppies at the dinner table”

"Doing It Wrong"

Planting Sequoias

The Aside


I Am the Resurrection and the Life

I Am The Way

I am The Good Shepherd

A Little Taste of Heaven

i am the bread of life

I Am The Gate

I am the light of the world

Gone Fishing

Rope a Dope

The trial of God's people

The trial of Judas

Go and do likewise

The Trial of Peter

The trial of the sanhedrin

The Trial of Jesus (in Gethsamane)

Externally Focused

Living Out God's Story


Internally Strong

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2018.01.28 | Internally Strong | Vance Hays | Acts 2:42-47

i am the bread of life

Only you can prevent wildfires

I Believe