Jesus, at home


God Speaks to Shepherds

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God Looks at the Heart

God Works Through Outsiders

God Works in the Real World

God’s Glory Only

Faith Only

Grace Only

Christ Only

Scripture Only

In the Lion’s Den

The Writing on the Wall

The Madness of King Nebuchadnezzar

Faith and the Fiery Furnace

Daniel’s Interpretation

Daniel’s Stand

Daniel’s Help

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Spoken Words: Parables

Spoken Words: It Is Written

Overcome: David and Bathsheba

Overcome: David and Saul

Overcome: David and Goliath

Interrupted: Zacchaeus

Interrupted: Jonah

Interrupted: Elisha

An Unforgettable Story About Grace


The One True Voice

Living with Jesus

The Spirit’s Presence, Power & Purpose

Gone But Still Lord!

It’s All About Forgiveness!

Held by the Almighty

Balaam Believes, But…

One Another Series (Part 7): Encouraging

Facing the Unknown: Your Mission

Our King says, “Don’t be afraid!”

The Unexplainable – We Hear God’s, “Listen to Him!”

Freedom From Fear (Part 4): Jesus Deals with the Fear of Hell

Freedom From Fear (Part 3): Jesus says, “Koum!”

Freedom From Fear (Part 2): Who's In Your Boat?

One Another Series (Part 6): Praying

One Another Series (Part 5): Honoring

One Another Series (Part 4): Serving

Whose Team Are You On?

One Another Series (Part 3): Accepting

One Another Series (Part 2): Confessing Our Sins

One Another Series (Part 1): The Comfort of Belonging – What’s Yours?

Facing the New Year with Hope